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What does Thesis mean to you?

A Thesis is a document submitted in support of candidature for a degree or professional qualification presenting the authors research and findings.

I know for a fact to do a thesis is not only stressful, not able to sleep and going blank at times is most frustrating. Most times the thought of what the heck am I doing and many other questions come into play.

My daughter had just submitted her thesis after months of research, black coffee, sleepless and depressing moments. Yes finally the moment has arrived and she just pulled through and hit the dateline on the dot. I hate people who do that but that is how my children do things. At the last minute. In the meantime I am the one biting my nails and pulling my hair chasing and screaming you will be late.

This thesis is very important for my daughter as it will determine whether she will get to do her PhD. My friends always ask why I support my daughter so much, for at the end of the day she will get marry and be somebodys wife who might not want her to work. I do not agree. Today whether you are female or male, you must be independent and be financially free from anyone. My own experience had taught me well that I must never let my children face the shame and agonizing period I had put them through.

What does a Thesis mean to you? This is very important because I have known people who have paid someone else to do it and even some stealing from another.

There is this one woman who works at the law department in University of Malaya. When I was first introduced to her, she mentioned she was working on her thesis. I paid very little attention then, but as we get to know each other more she confides in me that she gets her students to do the necessary research then she would compile them. For every research done she would pay RM100 if it is suitable for her to use. She then asked whether! I could type out her thesis papers for RM 300. I decline and stop spending time with her. Today she holds a PhD which she does not deserve and is still with University of Malaya.

Another are Tuns children. Which Tun you may ask? Just check around all the Tuns and see who are the ones with a Master Degree from America and you will get your answer. The Tuns I know personally have children who are not bother about earning their keep and arrogant. Their interests are screwing every artiste or getting screw in town and spending money on drinks, gambling, drugs and bullying. This is where dirty money comes in. These bastards have their mothers to thank for. Their mothers would find candidates suitable to write Thesis for their children in exchange for US10,000. To these Tuns children the Master Degree is to show off to their parents friends knowing they need not work except to just wait to inherit their fathers money.

One of Tuns relative told me she was going to America for her daughters graduation recently. This daughter is no better than the rest of her siblings, as she spend all her time with her American boyfriend not knowing what a thesis looks like yet she had passed with high honors.

So Malaysian way of paying money to get things done have spread their wings in America. All these Tun, Tan Sri and Datuk need only wire money and get their childrens thesis done and pack with sparkling stars on their Master Degree without the presence of their kids.

Then there is this rich lady staying in Taman Maluri whose son had not been working since he got his Master Degree from America, four years ago. I asked her the reason and she said if her son does not get RM5,000 per month salary, he need not bother as she can afford to give him the same amount without sweat. Mind you he is the only son and he has no working experience. Heaven must be very kind to him.

So what kind of brains is the Government looking and bringing back? The workable, non-workable or curse ones. Like ! everythi ng else this country is definitely curse by the BAD KARMA from UMNO.
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